domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

In half-toothed spanish:

I`m gonna stop playing ketchup and speak more recently...

A couple of days ago I went down to the beach here in Pucón, Chile at Lago Villaríca to, well, go to the beach really. The urge to go to the bathroom came as it does, and as I walked myself over to the baños I passed two elderly men and a woman, all of whom gave me a funny look as I made my way. I`m used to this, as in general I`m nearly twice the height of many people in latin american countries, so I thought nothing of it.

When I came back out, refreshed, the older woman proceed to describe in a combination of hand gestures and spanish through about half of the amount of teeth as one might have, that if I did not pay her $200 pesos (the equivalent of about 40 cents) for use of he bathroom, she would kill me - and she emphasized this fact by dragging her fingers across her jugular in the "ccchhchchct, curtains" manner. Obviously she was joking (was she?) and they were all having a good laugh at me. The semi-scary part was the 3 1/2" nail in her hand along with the pesos that she had collected from others, which when I saw I asked her, "El clavo es para mi si no pago para el baño?" (The nail is for me if I don`t pay for the bathroom?)

Tomorrow we leave for the Valdivian rainforest, up the Rìo Cochamò, and outa sight for two more weeks.

Suerte a todos.

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